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GoNow case for iPad and iPad Mini by Attainment Company Inc.

GoNow Case by Attainment Company, Inc.
For iPad 2, 3, 4 or iPad mini 
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 The GoNow case has been updated! New colors, "Rugged"options and optional accessories including a strap, screen protector, and a cover/stand!

From the makers of iOS app GoTalk Now , this easy to grip case has a really neat feature- a speaker that naturally amplifies sound without the need for batteries. I was skeptical but very hopeful, so tried it for myself. Using the same app and settings on both, I compared an iPad2 in a GoNowCase to an iPad2 in a Griffin Survivor... the volume of the iPad in the GoNow case was most definitely noticeably louder! Loudness Demo here. I tried this with several other cases with the same results. Another benefit is the material. For chewers, this plastic may be just the trick! The case actually screws on for extra security while keeping access to all ports open.

The GoNow case can be held in either horizontal (using your own strap with provided holes)
or vertical position (using built in handle)

GoNow for iPad is at the top left and bottom right; other images are GoNow for iPad Mini.

Both the iPad and iPad mini version of the GoNow case have a handle to carry the iPad in portrait position, and holes to add a strap to carry in landscape position.  I am not quite sure which standard straps might fit so I haven't bought any, although the case is clearly set up to allow a strap to be added. The plastic is thick and may not fit most latches/carabiners etc. but I found a strap of my own that I could string through with no problem.

The case itself (iPad version pictured above) is a durable, quality plastic- this should be a super option if this case is for someone who loves to chew on everything!  Another great feature that keeps the case on is the screws- It is easy enough to put on/take off with  a Phillip's screwdriver handy.  The screws are designed so if they become loose they will not fall out of the case either, so no worries about losing them in the carpet and having to buy replacement screws.
There is also a button on the case to wake the iPad's screen. You just slide it to make the screen active or put it to sleep (This feature is located in different positions on the iPad and the iPad mini versions).
I love the sound amplification feature on this case. This is so very helpful when working in noisy preschool classrooms and crowded places! I am still amazed at how this works, but it does. There are no batteries- the sound is just directed through the case in a way that amplifies everything significantly. On the iPad case the "speaker" is offset to the left of the case and is circular, on the iPad mini, there are two small "speaker" openings where the charger port plugs in.

 GoNow for iPad Mini is on the left; middle and right images are GoNow for iPad.
Plugging in the charger was a bit hard at first but is now easy to do. I am however, concerned with the process to get the plug out after charging on the iPad mini version, as the charger is so much skinnier- there is very little to grasp when taking it out, and I resort to pulling the cord. You may be able to find tweezers to help pull it out from the base of the charger-it is what I plan on doing. I would love to see a wider cut out around the charger area, so we can grab the base of the plug to pull it out, instead of pulling on the cord and possibly damaging it.
I have been trialing the iPad mini GoNow case with a Gab n Go Harness system -it works great attached to it in landscape mode. (See picture below) More about the Gab n Go Harness here
What I love:
a high level of protection
a volume enhancer - it really works, no batteries needed!!
durable plastic is harder to chew on
easy to clean
hard for a child to remove- requires screws to open it, yet all ports and buttons are accessible
a recessed area to write your Name/Contact Info
no-slip grips on the bottom

Wish List: an optional strap kit of some sort with clips FULFILLED!
a larger cut-out around charger port (iPad mini)
a screen protector to keep spills out and scratches away FULFILLED!
I miss having a stand when using this- would love to see an optional stand accessory available. FULFILLED!
This is one of the show stoppers. People ask "Where did you get that?" when I take it out and about with me.
For a comparison of the GoNow and a dozen other carryable cases, see here:

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  1. Woohoo, Attainment Company has some changes planned for its GoNow case this Fall- a shoulder strap, a stand and a screen protector... Might have to tear up that wish list!