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CHAT (Communication Has a Tool) Bag - iPad case/cover

CHAT Bag - (Communication Has A Tool) Share This on Twitter
customizable to a variety of devices

Larger ImageThe CHAT Bag is a stretchy lightweight wearable device case with straps! I first came across this when I was looking for a case with straps and could find none in our price range. RJ Cooper had a really decent one around the $100 mark, but I wanted to keep all of the features of my ultraprotective case, just with a strap added.  Finally I came across the CHAT bag. Lightweight, and can be made to fit whatever case you already own- success! I had a sample sent out to share at a parent app workshop I was leading and here it is below. Here it is stretched over a Ballistic case and you can see it is a bit snug. 

Next we ordered a custom one to try on Grandpa's old iPad 1, to be paired with an Otterbox Defender. We picked a camo theme and asked for heavier straps (The older style pictured (green camo) had a lightweight ribbon style strap- the newer models have nylon webbing.) I also asked for it to hug more of the screen for extra security and even had extra rings put on so it can be used hands free in both landscape and portrait orientation. What I really love about the CHAT bag is how customizable it is- The owner will work with you on making it what you need.  For example, I asked for straps that were in between a child and an adult size so I could get away with wearing it comfortably while working with a student.  I have also heard of a parent who had success using this cover to keep their child from picking at the rubber case they had underneath (There may have been super glue involved.)    
 While I have only tried the CHAT bag with an iPad, this can made to fit an iPad mini, or iphone/ iPod touch too.  Inquire about other devices as this may be a possibility.

What I Love
Inexpensive - check out their sale CHAT bags - I spied one for $15 the other day
Customizable to your needs - to fit the case you have, wide variety of colors/patterns etc.
Supports a small business

Wish List
Would love a sewn, reinforced opening for the charger port (this may be possible)

CHAT Bag even made it to a red-carpet event! Our son participated in a special Film Camp put on by Joey Travola and ACT Today! The children were part of a documentary about their film camp experience
You can see the CHAT Bag in action here:

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