Tuesday, April 2, 2013

So Much 2 Say AAC App by Close2Home Apps

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This is SASK's fourth opportunity to give away copies of the AAC app So Much 2 Say, which I am always thrilled about as I use this app often with several of my students, and would love to see another educator or parent benefit from this app. Not only is So Much 2 Say a great option for emerging communicators, its customer service and updates are top-notch.

A previous update brought a really neat Drag n Drop sharing feature- two devices with So Much 2 Say loaded can communicate with each other, allowing you to easily copy cards from So Much 2 Say on one device to the other. In addition a black background has been added as an option... A major update added the ability to create sentences and access a full library of symbols.  I have had So Much 2 Say since it first came out and have been pleased to grow into an even more versatile and user-friendly app for AAC.

The number of cards or categories shown on the screen is flexible- you can show as little as one image on the screen, or as many as 12.  Any additional images in a set can be viewed by a swiping motion. This reveals a new page and will display the number of images you have chosen in settings.

Here is the iTunes link: So Much 2 Say $24.99
Here is a video describing the drag and drop card sharing feature: Drag N' Drop feature
There are tutorials on how to use this app on their website, close2home.com

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