Saturday, May 4, 2013

iMonster iPad case by Stormcup

iMonster by Stormcup
(for iPad 2 and up)
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This is definitely the most adorable case of the bunch- I have seen the cute iGuy before, but you have to admit, this is way cuter. It also comes in several colors and is pretty darn sturdy. I almost lamented that it didn't come in my favorite color black but then thought, really, a black monster? Nah! Mine came in lime green and the kids love it.  Watch a video of someone trying to shake an iPad out of its iMonster case here. It stays put.

 This case is definitely my kids' favorite pick! The cute factor is way up here, and coupled with lots of bouncy material for drop protection, this is a pretty neat find!  This is another case I get stopped and asked about- the kids love it!  The material is high quality; the handles are really easy to grip and they don't feel flimsy at all- they are just the right combination of flexible and firm. I could see this going through a lot of use and standing strong.  I really think this would make the perfect case for a pediatric setting where the iPad is being introduced for therapy activities- the kids are really excited to play with the iMonster.

What I love:
Fun Factor!
Flexible but sturdy handles
Self standing
Easy to put on
Easy access to ports

Wish List:
Would like it to be harder to remove (know your user- this may be totally fine)
Some kind of snap on screen protection

Also worth mentioning: My case did come with a Christian book for children, something the website is very open about. It didn't bother me, just wanted to give a heads up in case it is a concern for someone else- I plan on passing the book on to a friend.

For a comparison of a dozen plus handy cases for iPad & iPad mini, see here:

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