Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Top Ten apps used during speech therapy this week

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From a Speech Therapy perpsective, here is what is in hot demand on our iPad, all used this week during Speech Therapy:
1. The Social Express Lite
2.  Toca Kitchen
3. My Video Schedule
4. ConversationBuilder
5. Injini Lite 
6. Pocket Lexi
7. iWash my Cats
8. iBlower Butterflies
9. Educreations
10. iCommunicate

Also popular at home with my child on the spectrum are  Glow Tunes, Bugs and Buttons, Picture Beat, The Game of Life, Verb Mayhem, Monster at the End of the Book, Kids Chores

Thursday, January 19, 2012

ANDROID Apps and Devices for Special Needs

Android Apps & Devices for Special Needs



(Individual Apps)

 Speak For Yourself  (this requires a minimum of a 7" tablet; more info on best bets for devices here: )

Predictable (has text to speech with word prediction, picture support and an innovative handwriting input option)
Sono Flex
Alexicom AAC
C.P.A. (Comunicador Personal Adaptable- this is a Multilingual app!)
Niki Talk
Talk Now

Scheduling Apps:

(Individual Apps)
 First Then Visual Schedule(Good Karma Apps)
iPrompts by Handhold Adaptive+
 Pic-See  @myfriendpicsee

Speech Therapy (Articulation) Apps:

(Individual Apps)
The R App for Parents
R Intensive
Phonetics Study

Video Modeling/Social Stories Apps:

Touch Autism

(Individual Apps)
Life Skills Winner (has now moved to a subscription model, more info here:
Model Me Going Places
Let's Go


(Individual Apps)
Autism Xpress
Facing Up: Odd Face Out
Facing Up: All Smiles

Social Thinking:

Electric Eggplant (Middle School Confidential series)

Behavior Help Apps:

(Individual Apps)
Behavior Status
Easy Kid Tokens
Easy Kid Timer
Timer in the Box
Working4 (token board system)
Let's Go

Data Tracking Apps: (see also Behavior Help)

(Individual Apps)
Behavior Tracker Pro by Data Makes the Difference
Behavior Status

Self-Regulation Apps:

Touch Autism

(Individual Apps)
Smart Metronome (great during homework time or to get child to bed)
Glow Tunes

Language Development Apps: (grammar/parts of speech, conversation, problem solving skills, categorization/classification etc.-see Early Learning Apps)

Super Duper Publications (NOT Super Duper Apps)
Mobile Education Store
Speech with Milo

(Individual Apps)
Autism & PDD Reasoning and Problem Solving
Auditory Analysis by Talking Talk

Early Learning Apps (Vocabulary/Colors & Shapes/Sequencing Skills/Following Directions/ Play Skills etc- also see Language Development apps.):

Toca Boca (on Kindle Fire)
Tizzy Labs, LLC
Studio Pango
Pepi Play

(Individual Apps)
Kids socks
Where's Mommy?
Days and Months Flashcards
Shapes by Five Pumpkins
Toddler Robot ABC
SeasonFun by Kujifun
Patchimals (has IAP w/parental control)


(Individual Apps)
My first puzzles: Dinosaurs
My first puzzles: Snakes
Shape Builder Preschool Puzzle by Murtha Design
Live Puzzle! Forest Animals

Cause & Effect Apps:

(Individual Apps)
Cause and Effect Light Box by Cognable

Motor Skills Apps:

(Individual Apps - Games)
Trace Blast
Join the dots
Kids Connect the Dots
Catch a Ghost
Fingerfun by Kujifun
Patchimals (has IAP w/ parental gate)

(Individual Apps - Other)

 School Writing learn to write by Demografix pty ltd

See also Puzzles

Drawing/ Art Apps:

(Individual Apps)
Multi Touch Paint
Cutout Maker
Art Of Glow
GlowTunes (music, self-regulation)
Kidoodle Apps' Pirate Scribblebeard -  a fun drawing app that allows you to turn your drawings into animations

Paint My Cat (We have the iPad equivalent and this is so much fun)

Music Apps:

 MEET Studio - a range of music apps (including those w/ in-app purchases) for many musical instruments, including drums, piano, guitar, and more exotic instruments like the zither. See HERE for all titles.

(Individual Apps)
GlowTunes by AppHappy Studios

Homework Help Apps:

Language Arts-

(Individual Apps)
Holly Spelling Game
Spelling Bee
Sight Words by Five Pumpkins
Doodletronic (practice spelling words or other homework, email it to print or send to teacher)


(Individual Apps)
Math Evolve
theGames: Kindergarten Math, available on Google Play and Amazon Appstore

Books for Adults/Autism Books:
Amazon Kindle

Story Books:

Oceanhouse Media
Apps by StoryToys   super 3D style fairy tale books, (known as Ideal Binary on iPad)
Auryn Apps (Auracle Reader) (a wide variety of titles)

(Individual Story Apps)
Miscellaneous Apps:

(Individual Apps)
I Am Love (yoga)
Dinosaur Flash Cards

Android apps for children with CVI/ Low Vision:!/note.php?note_id=359978654014887

Devices and Information:

Find curated lists of educational apps for both Google Play and iOS App Stores at YappGuru

 How to run almost any Android app on a Kindle fire:,2817,2396276,00.asp

Android Devices that may be a good fit for special needs:

Larger tablets:

 Motorola Xoom

 Samsung Galaxy Tab

Smaller handheld devices:

Samsung Galaxy Note, 8 inch ( has built in handwriting and voice recognition)

 Nexus 7

Budget Pick/ Entry Level
Matrix One S Matrix One S (says it has full access to Google Play store)

If you have information on Android devices and special needs you would like to see added to this list, please contact us at .