Thursday, May 1, 2014

50+ Totally FREE Apps for Special Needs ( iOS)

In case you missed some of the Autism Awareness Month specials during April, Special Apps, Special Kids has rounded up their favorite fully functional, ALWAYS FREE apps- many developed with special needs in mind.

These are quality, stand-alone apps and child-friendly- currently free of ads and links to apps with  consumable IAP (repeating In-App Purchases), for example, although there may be links to a developer's own apps present.  A few included apps have one time IAPs to unlock additional content that is not needed to enjoy the app- this will be stated if that is the case at the time of publication if known).

(Check in iTunes before downloading as developers do make price, IAP or ad changes from time to time)

AAC & Assistive Technology:
Grid Player by Sensory Software International
Alexicom AAC by Alexicom Tech LLC
C.P.A by CPA
Verbally by Intuary (has one time IAP for Verbally Premium- make sure IAPs are set to off )
SoundingBoard by AbleNet (has IAPs for more content)
Cardnival: share FREE audio visual cards for special education (autistic & dyslexia) by MB & Partners Limited

Academic Tools:
30hands: Create & Show What You Know by 30hands Learning, Inc.  (ungated links to social media)
Educreations Interactive Whiteboard by Educreations, Inc
Khan Academy
GuidedVideo by GuidedVideo LLC  (Temporarily FREE w/ planned update, grab it while you can!)
Geoboard, by the Math Learning Center by Clarity Innovations
NASA has many free apps
Smithsonian Channel for iPad by Smithsonian Networks

Behavior & Emotional Regulation Tools:
Fun Time Timer by CodigoDelSur
Spectrum Timer by Richard Humphrey
Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame by Sesame Street

Cause & Effect:
Sensory Room by Inclusive Technology Ltd  SWITCH ACCESSIBLE
Finger Paint with Sounds by Inclusive Technology Ltd  SWITCH ACESSIBLE
Touch & Say SD by Interbots Touch & Say by Interbots (for iPad)

Data Collection & Organizational Tools:
ATEC by Autism Research Institute
Get Well Stay Well by The Thanksgiving Game, Inc.
My Autism Day by Little App Helpers
Palu Shared Handwriting Calendar by MetaMoJi Corporation  (IAPs to remove (unobtrusive) ads & add more calendars)
Scholastic Reading Timer by Scholastic

Emotions & Feelings:
Autism Emotion by Model Me Kids, LLC,

Feel Electric! by Sesame Street
Tolva and Ting's Moods - Who's in a Mood? by Me and the Giants
Emotionary by Me.Mu by leehsueh

Grammar, Language & Vocabulary:
Let's Name Things Fun Deck by Super Duper Publications
NLConcepts Autism: Sort & Categorize by Natural Learning Concepts
SpeakColors by Robert Harrison (link to fuller version, SpeakColors HD, on a separate adult targeted screen)
Using I and Me Fun Deck by Super Duper Publications

Life Skills, Life Events & Safety:

Big Moving Adventure by Sesame Street
Danger Rangers Fire Safety App: Videos, Games, Photos, Books & Interactive Play & Learn Activities for Kids... by Playrific
DialSafe Pro by Little Bit Studio, LLC (phone safety, 911)
Just Me and My Mom - Little Critter by Oceanhouse Media
Model Me Going Places 2 by Model Me Kids, LLC (video modeling: hairdresser, mall, doctor, playground, grocery store, restaurant)
Put It Away by leehsueh
Rockford's Rock Opera 1 - Children's Musical Audio Book by Sweetapple Ltd (stranger danger, environmental awareness & more)
Sesame Street for Military Families by Sesame Street
Sesame Street: Divorce by Sesame Street
Sesame Street: Incarceration by Sesame Street
Shoperone: Assisting with Grocery Shopping by
Sparky's Birthday Surprise by Cupcake Digital (fire safety)
Step By Step Getting Dressed by Wonkido
Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim by Stew Leonard's

Sushi Monster by Scholastic

Motor Skills- Fine Motor/ Visual Motor:
Trace & Share by True Digital Content and Media Limited
Match Blitz by Shiny Things

GlowTunes Christmas by AppHappyStudios LLC (has single IAP for extra content, 99 cents)
Children's Xmas App - Rockford's Christmas Song by Sweetapple Ltd

Play Themes:
Bamba Ice Cream by Mezmedia (price has changed recently, confirm)
Daily Tasks by True Digital Content and Media Limited
Toca Kitchen Monsters by Toca Boca
Toca Hair Salon - Christmas Gift by Toca Boca

SEN Press- for teenagers with special needs by SEN Press Ltd (has one complete, free book of high quality; IAP for full library/ single books for purchase is gated- however it is expensive and we recommend turning on guided access and drawing around the shop button to further protect against unwanted entry)

Religious Education:
Bible for Kids by

Special Needs Resources:
(may be ad-supported, as these apps are geared toward adults I have not thoroughly checked)

Autism by Autism Research Institute (small, one-time IAP for extra content)
Autism Live by Mark Keller
Braille Institute- Several FREE apps here
FSL App by Cassandra Burgess (Full Spectrum Learning, Cognitive and Behavioral Support Services; has videos and visual supports, as well as a Northern Ontario autism event calendar)
Global Autism Alliance by Autism Research Institute
LittleSteps by Sandra Moyer (free developmental milestones; small, one time IAP for extra content)
National Fragile X Foundation
Rare Diseases E-book from Rare Genomics Institute
Schafer Autism Report by Autism Research Institute
Spectrum Stratergies by madebyeducators



Disneynature Explore by Disney

Lazoo: Squiggles! by Lazoo Worldwide, Inc
Sago Mini Bug Builder
Toca Fairy Tales by Toca Boca
Tiggly Draw by Tiggly (IAP with parental gate)
Tiggly Stamp by Tiggly (IAP with parental gate)

Language Technologies, Inc. has one free LAZ Reader app for each level AA- P)

Tiggly Safari by Tiggly (IAP with Parental Gate)

Developers to Check Out:

Fisher Price has several free apps for the 0-3 crowd.

Grasshopper Apps has many free apps for a variety of areas including memory, matching, vocabulary, fine motor etc. (some have one time IAPs for additional content or features). 

LEGO also has some totally FREE options, as well as others with IAPs.

More information on some of the Grasshopper Apps & LEGO apps on  this list of 10 Autism Apps from Small But Kinda Mighty )

PBS Kids has several free apps for PreK & up.

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