Monday, June 9, 2014

New & Notables: Special Apps Vol. 1 (Emotions & Language)

  New & Notables: Special Apps Vol. 1


CopyMe by Games Studio (iPad) (FREE)

My sons and I enjoyed matching the models' emotions- the app uses face recognition technology to detect faces, and shows an outline of the facial expression you should match. A very clever use of facial recognition, the app has three difficulty levels- Easy (happy/sad) Medium (happy/sad/surprised, angry) and Hard (happy/sad/surprised/angry/scared/yucky).  One caveat, the facial recognition is finicky at times- we had a really hard time getting it to recognize our scared or yucky faces.

excerpt from iTunes Description:
CopyMe is a simple facial expression game designed for young children. CopyMe requires limited literacy skills and little preparation to begin the game of mimicking onscreen facial expressions while viewing your own facial expression formation.

The creators of CopyMe are a research team from the University of Technology, Sydney. Research regarding CopyMe as a possible Autism Spectrum Disorder assistive tool has resulted in multiple paper publications for the team, as well as motivation to provide continual improvements to the game. Please consider completing the in-App online survey to help further our research

Also check out:

Also On Amazon One of many (FREE) apps from Sesame Street.

Tolva and Ting's Moods- Who's in a Mood by Me and the Giants, one of several (FREE) Tolva and Ting apps.

 (FREE) one of two free apps by Model Me Kids, LLC

Language (Generalization Skills):
General Eyes Lite  by Jive TherAppy (iPad) (FREE)
If your child is not generalizing (i.e. does not yet realize that a "dog" comes in many different forms and can be big, small, black, white, spotted... etc.) this app will be very helpful. Real photos and customizable Data tracking make this a perfect special educator & speech and language therapy tool too.

Yahoo!! This app is bilingual ENGLISH/SPANISH! 


You can download the full version of GeneralEyes with additional content here.

Jive TherAppy has two more language centered apps worth a look: The Not Spot (Which one doesn't belong), and Get the Set (recognizing/categorizing objects)