Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tabtoob case by Cnuffle

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for iPad 2, 3 or 4

This is one of the lightest cases, the chunky foam is easy to grasp; an optional strap easily attaches too! When using it, you flip over the protective foam lid to the back of the case- upon which it becomes a stand! The lid can be positioned to use the iPad in different orientations. Visit the Tabtoob website to see a video of Tabtoob in action-being dropped and tossed, the thick rails surrounding the iPad screen seem to do a really good job of protecting it. I feel comfortable allowing my child to use an iPad in this. Did I mention how lightweight it is?

When the Tabtoob arrived,  I was surprised at how light it was.  I love how it comes with a screen cover for when the iPad is not in use. This screen cover actually doubles as a stand- when you are ready to use the iPad, you can flip it over to the back of the case.  The case came with instructions on how to use the stand; what was hardest for me was just getting the iPad in- it is a really tight fit and was a bit of hard work.  I think this is good as it would be very, very difficult for a child to remove- this took team work between my husband to get the case on and off.  It's a bit of a catch 22 as if it becomes easier for us parents or caregivers to get out, it will become easier for our kiddos too.
If you have plans to keep the case on permanently this should not be an issue- you will have access to all ports. If you want a case that will be switched with another often- such as with a loan library situation, or to put on a visiting relative's iPad, you will need help removing this often.

What I love:
It's so lightweight!
It has a stand that doubles as a screen cover when not in use.
It has a easy to use, removable strap system!

Wish List:
More finished edges- due to the way it is manufactured, the seams are a bit rough and there are a couple of tiny spots of glue.
 It is really hard to get out, but I won't recommend changing this; it will keep the iPad safe from little fingers!  I do worry about the strip of hard velcro on the inside of the case- it is tricky getting the case in and out while protecting it from this at the same time.
I would love some kind of snap-in screen protector to protect from minor spills and sticky fingers etc.

For a comparison of the Tabtoob and a dozen other carryable cases, see here:

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