Monday, May 27, 2013

Gab n Go Harness by Safe n Sound Mobile

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The Gab n Go Harness is custom made, which means the maker can work with you on creating the right harness for you - there are child/youth/adult sizes and styles, and a variety of colors and custom prints are available. My son is obsessed with all things military, so I chose the camo- I was impressed by the quality of the material on the straps- the newer holders for the bluetooth speaker are also more sturdy too- instead of a lightweight cotton as seen in some of the pictures above, there is a stretchy, sturdy but lightweight neoprene material (close up picture of this below).  Currently buckles are used to attach the device to the harness; past versions used a plug that you inserted into the charger port of your device.
The maker has a good amount of success with Griffin Survivor but you should be able to attach the harness to a variety of cases- ones with a large flat smooth surface are your best bet.  Many of the pictures in this blog post are of Otterbox and of an $8 iPad mini case from ebay- my apologies as I don't remember the brand.  The GoNow case also has a nice flat smooth surface and we found it a nice fit in landscape mode. For the older style of Otterbox cases it was necessary to cut a piece of the outer rubber layer off the case with my original Gab n go Harness system- this is no longer a problem with the newer style of rubber used, and also the new buckle system comes with sticky backing that seems to work with a variety of surfaces.  If you have an older Otterbox case, another option is ordering adhesive from this company, McMaster-Carr- I tried some caulking for rubber that held my non-sticky velcro well. 
Gab n Go Harness with Bluetooth Speaker:

Gab n Go Harness with cotton speaker case option shown above.
We've been trialing the gab n go harness with the iPad mini.   My youngest has a history of throwing, so I am grateful to have this harness as it deters him from doing this in frustration.  We tried it first in portrait mode, as that is how it was set up when it arrived. You should experiment with the different orientations before permanently attaching the clips to your device/case, as there are several factors to consider. In our case, one of the communication apps we use only operates in landscape mode; with my tiny 5 year old model, portrait orientation also proved to be a little too overwhelming for him.
I also was very happy to have the Gab n Go Harness on a recent trip to the zoo- Since my younger son has not yet mastered his phone number or address, I programmed a communication app with an "I am lost" phrase including our information.  This way if he did become lost, he would have a way to communicate who his parents were and how to reach us. So the Gab n Go can be used as a safety device too! (Gab n Go Harness with cotton speaker case and danglet option for iPhone/iPod touch featured below)
For a comparison of Gab n Go Harness and a dozen other carryable cases, see here:


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