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SASK Apps- Special Education Early Childhood Apps

Special Education Early Childhood Apps
This list is not exhaustive. It is a collection of apps that have been used by or made available to my own children and/or students. These would be available for trialing if funding for a Loan Device Program is ever secured in the future. It is also a work in progress and may be edited frequently as categories are expanded upon, or descriptions and/ or new apps are added.
Some apps have been marked iPhone- I tried to do this for all apps but have likely missed some. These will still work on an iPod touch or iPad.  On an iPad you will have to tap the 2x symbol in the corner of the screen to zoom in to the size of the iPad screen.  Sometimes text or images are not as crisp in this mode, but all apps marked iPhone should run on iPad.  However, apps marked iPad will not work on an iPhone or iPod. If an app is not marked iPhone or iPad, it is universal and can be run on both without losing screen quality.

Some free apps have ads.  You can go in to the settings on the iPad and set your iPad to "Airplane Mode" to temporarily disable ads.

Pretend Play Apps
These are great for turn-taking, language expansion, vocabulary, and some are also helpful in identifying emotions, early theory of mind etc. The list is in random order.

Easy-Bake Treats by Hasbro
Pizza HD-Cooking game * by HealthCode (free w/ads, small in-app purchase)
Make Juice Now- Cooking game * by HealthCode (free w/ ads, small in-app purchase)
Ice Cream Maker- Cooking game * by HealthCode (free w/ ads, small in-app purchase)
Toca Kitchen
Toca Monsters
Bo's Dinnertime by Heppi
Cake Doodle by Shoe the Goose
Cookie Doodle by Shoe the Goose
More Grillin' by Maverick Software
More Breakfast by Maverick Software

Bo's Bedtime Story by Heppi (iPad only)
Bo's Bedtime by Heppi (iPhone)

Toca Birthday Party

Cars in Sandbox : Construction by Thematica
Cars in sandbox : Construction for iPhone by Thematica (iPhone)

Workday Dentist by Merge Mobile
Toca Doctor


Huerto Virtual

Toca Hair Salon
Toca Hair...Christmas

Toca House
My PlayHome by Shimon Young
Kids at Home HD by KidoState Limited

(Set the Table/Meal Time)
Toca Tea Party
Toca Birthday Party
Bo's Dinnertime

Toca Store

See Cars
Cars in sandbox: Space rover * by Thematica

(Washing Animals)
iWash my Cats by Portegno Apps

Where's My Dress? by Thematica

Makego - drive, modify and fuel a vehicle, sell ice cream, repair a boat

Learning Themes/Topics

see also specific animal topics
Wombi's Picture Book of Animals by Wombi Apps
Animal Stickers by Mind Juice Media (iPad only)


My Toys


My Farm Friends Stickers (iPhone)

Injini: Child Development Game Suite by NCSoft (iPad only)
Kids Mag Issue O1 by Portegno Apps (iPad only)
KidsMag Issue 2 by Portegno Apps (iPad only)
KidsMag Issue 03 by Portegno Apps (iPad only)

Flashcard Puzzles - Occupations by Portegno Apps (iPhone)
My Profession * by My First (iPad only; lite/free version w/in-app purchase)
Matching Jobs * (lite/free version w/in-app purchase)

Fido's Treehouse Adventure by Pixel Interactive
Robots Activity Cards (for iPhone)
Toca Robot Lab by Toca Boca

My First App Vehicles by Appp Media
Road Vehicle

Also see:
Cause &Effect Apps

App Developers for Early Childhood:

Toca Boca (pretend play, learning themes)
Portegno Apps (learning themes, pretend play, ) (learning themes)
Shoe the Goose (pretend play, learning themes)
Thematica ( pretend play, learning themes)
Oceanhouse Media (familiar book apps) * (learning themes, basic concepts- many free apps to try with $2 in-app purchase)
Heppi (pretend play, learning themes )
Maverick Software (pretend play, learning themes)
Merge Mobile (pretend play, learning themes, academic subjects)
Pixel Interactive (learning themes, early math, ABCs, music)* ( basic concepts, simple stories, language arts, math- * many free apps)

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