Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Apps for "Social Thinking" & Emotions

Apps for Social Thinking

These include social skills curriculum, video modeling apps, and app tools for emotional regulation.

Social Thinking, Conversation & Feelings:

The Social Express (understand social rules, identify feelings)
Social Skill Builder (understand social rules, identify feelings)
The Hidden Curriculum (understand social rules)
Conversation Coach (conversational exchanges)
Conversation Builder Deluxe (conversational exchanges)

Understanding Appropriate Physical Boundaries:
iModeling Boundaries (appropriate/expected behaviors for different levels of friendship/acquaintance- hug vs. handshake etc.)

Eye Contact:
Look In My Eyes (various apps- eye contact: "eyes can hold valuable information" * FYI :these are apps my son enjoys but some people consider focusing on this to be controversial)

Identify Feelings & Facial Expressions:
Feel Electric! (identify feelings, body language, facial expression )
The Body Language of Veronica Sue (body language, identify feelings)
A little Book About Feelings (identify feelings)
The Grouchies (identify feelings)
Understanding Faces (facial expression, identify feelings)
Smile at Me (identify happy, sad, imitate happy, sad)

Facing Up Odd One Out Quiz (facial expression)
All Smiles (facial expression)
Face Cards C (facial expression)
Face Cards F (facial expression)

Video Modeling & "Social Stories":
My Video Schedule (video modeling)
iModeling (video modeling)
AutisMate (AAC, video modeling, "social stories")
i See-quence ... (various titles) by i Get it Apps ("Social stories", visual routines)

Theory of Mind/ Pretend Play "Games":
(The characters in these apps express what they like and what they don't like via changes in emotion, voice and/or thought bubbles)

Toca Boca Kitchen
Toca Hair Salon
Where's My Dress?
Workday Dentist

Tools & Strategies for Emotional Regulation:
Social Navigator
Calm Counter
The Shredder
5 Point Scale (needs update- an image in the splash screen is incorrect)

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