Friday, August 31, 2012

SASK Apps: Elementary Reference/Academic Apps

Elementary School Apps This list is not exhaustive. It is a collection of apps that have been used by or made available to my own children and/or students. These would be available for trialing if funding for a Loan Device Program is ever secured in the future. It is also a work in progress and may be edited frequently as categories are expanded upon, or descriptions and/ or new apps are added.

View Only/Print & Refer to:

Inspiration Maps REVIEW
Custom Boards

Interactive Apps without Sound:

Tools 4 Students REVIEW
Move & Match

Interactive Apps with Sound:



Alexicom Elements Story Maker

PuppetPals HD
Toontastic: Free
Toontastic: All Access Pass
See.Touch.Learn Pro
Reference Apps by Topic
in no particular order; *free when last checked

A Fact Every Day! 365 fun facts for kids by Wombi Apps
jeffy's World HD by Qlvr
Stack the States
SimpleSort Continents
State Bingo and Road Trip US by Niyaa

Introducing Planet Earth - LAZ Reader [Level L - second grade]
Planet Tracker (my 8 year old was intrigued but possibly more appropriate for middle school+ )

iPlanet by Micha Games Removed from App Store??, could not locate link.

(Inventions and Experiments)
Thomas Edison: "Little Al, the Inventor" - Famous People Series (this is a book)
FunScience by themissinglynx


The Water Cycle * (iPad only)
Plants HD (iPad only)
Lulu Tree (for iPhone; shows an apple tree transforming through the seasons, interactive)
swackett * (w/ in- app purchases; uses current location to dress a figure according to weather)
Painting with Time (iPad only; shows seasonal changes, changes over time) (iPhone version avail.)
Painting with Time: Climate Change (iPad only; shows climate changes over time) (iPhone version avail. also)

Academic Apps by Developer & Subject Area :
* free (full version) apps available from this developer at time of posting

VirtualNye Prostranstva LLC (Mainly math, science topics) *
GAMeS Lab at RU (Math, history, geography, science topics) *
Operatio Apps (Math, other )
Esa Helttula (Math)
@Reks (Math, Language Arts)
Gozoa (Math)
Beiz (Math, Language Arts)
Dan Russell-Pinson (Math, physics (build/create), geography, history)
StudyPad, Inc. (Splash Math series of apps- math, telling time)
NeoLithix, LLC (Math, language arts, social studies, science)
NRCC Games (Math, personal finances, language arts)
Mobile Education Tools (Language arts)
Green Mountain Digital (Biology: Audubon wildlife/ plantlife, other)
Generate Learning (Language Arts, Early Learning)
Doonan Speech Therapy (Language Arts, Early Learning)

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