Wednesday, August 22, 2012

App Review and Giveaway: Where's My Dress? by Thematica

Where's My Dress? by Thematica (99 cents at time of review)

Where's My Dress? is an early learning app that will help teach young children about dressing appropriately for the weather.  It is one of a handful of early learning apps by Thematica (Where's My Dress? , Cars in sandbox - Space rover, Cars in sandbox - Construction) This is so cute- the characters react to the environment  outside (choose from a boy or girl). He or she will react with noises, facial expressions, and movements, depending on what the child places on the character!  For example, if it is snowing outside and the character is wearing a tank top and underwear, a thought bubble will indicate what is needed for the current weather (in this case, a winter hat).   Then the character will frown and mutter if you provide a different selection ( i.e. a baseball cap).  You must pick a hat, a pair of shoes, and the correct corresponding outfit.  The outfit itself is one unit- you cannot switch out tops and bottoms for that outfit- touch it and drag it to the character for the whole set to appear on him or her.  I actually prefer this, as I intend to use this with preschoolers who need this simplicity.  I also immediately started tapping things in the environment to see what they would do, but the other non- clothing items are not interactive. I think this is a good thing for my highly distractable preschoolers, and the fact that I noticed this says more about our expectations that digital media means everything must "do something".   I will get used to this quickly I am sure. The only caveat is the boys' shoes for summer and spring look interchangeable to me, but the character will complain of being too hot in the pair of lace up sneakers.  Once the character is dressed appropriately, tap the door to send the character outside- a short video scene will play of the child doing an activity- having a picnic in spring, playing in the snow in winter etc.  A fun way to reinforce early weather concepts!

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