Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thinking about Time : Timeline Apps

I had been hoping for a timeline app for quite some time when I stumbled over Timeline Builder in the app store.  Shortly after that, I came across two more and became inspired to share them in a post centering around timeline apps.

Timeline Builder by Knowledge Quest, Inc. (iPad only, $6.99 at time of review)

General Impression:
I was really excited to see this in the app store, as there are very few timeline apps out there.  I have used it for several projects, and am glad to have it, but am also a bit frustrated by its interface. The feature that stands out to me as a big plus is the ease and flexibility of adjusting photo size and placement. The Wikipedia search feature is another standout.  I do think this is a useful tool for the classroom and hope to see entering of time units become a bit easier. (SEE FULL REVIEW HERE).

Timeline 3D - Make and Present timelines by BEEDOCS (iPad only, $14.99 at time of review)

General Impression:
Media really steals the show in this timeline app!  I can see myself using this just as much for my own personal use- slide shows of the kids, presentations about apps etc. as in an educational setting.  I really like how I can easily embed videos too, and the 3D effects are really impressive.  This app costs significantly more than the other options, but it is so visually appealing and the most flexible choice.  This is the one I will be reaching for the most. (SEE FULL REVIEW HERE)

QuickMem Perspective by Blackstripes Publishing (iPad only, 99 cents at time of review)

General Impression:
If your main focus in creating historical timelines to view on the iPad, this may fit the bill and the price is certainly appealing. You can add images, links and text, but the images are not displayed directly on the timeline as they are in the other timeline apps; to access them, you have to tap on the colored title. The focus in this app is on the data- you can also refer to notes while presenting to a class (VGA adaptor needed). You can add bookmarks to your timeline, and change the colors of the tabs. A favorite feature is a line you can place showing present time. (SEE FULL REVIEW HERE:)

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