Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: QuickMem Perspective by BlackStripes Publishing

QuickMem Perspective by Blackstripes Publishing (iPad only, 99 cents at time of review)

General Impression:
If your main focus in creating historical timelines to view on the iPad, this may fit the bill and the price is certainly appealing. You can add images, links and text, but the images are not displayed directly on the timeline as they are in the other timeline apps; to access them, you have to tap on the colored title. The focus in this app is on the data- you can also refer to notes while presenting to a class (VGA adaptor needed).   You can add bookmarks to your timeline, and change the colors of the tabs. A favorite feature is a line you can place showing present time.  See a comparison of Timeline apps HERE:

Some Features I Like:

You can add photos, notes, and internet links to attach to an event.

You can add a vertical line to show where present time begins on the timeline.

Color coded tabs- you can choose from a variety of colors to color code groups of events on your timelines.

Use this for classroom lessons- "teach from embedded notes while students view timeline on projector (requires VGA adaptor) "

This has a zoom feature which allows you to zoom from billions of years down to weeks.

You can add bookmarks to refer back to.


Wish List:
I would love to see some basic editing features to make this more flexible. You cannot crop photos, or change the font/text size etc. You cannot set what part of the picture will show when a tab is tapped.  There is, however, a full screen mode you can use access to view each picture.
I would love to be able to use this to break down time into hours/minutes, so I can use it to teach the concept of time using examples from a student's day. 
There is supposed to be a help link in the settings, but it appears to be broken.

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