Monday, January 7, 2013

REVIEW/ GIVEAWAY: Touch Choice by Autism Made Easy

Touch Choice  by Autism Made Easy ($4.99 at time of review, universal for iPhone and iPad)

Touch Choice by Autism Made Easy is a simple visual choice board with useful features like syncing via iTunes (compatible with Visual Cue and Working For too), internet search and more.  You can use it to make quick impromptu choice boards to use on the spot.  There are a few sample images, but you can easily add new ones through your camera, photo library or internet and make a recording for each too.  (Internet can be restricted in the settings- you can turn it off, or choose from three different search engines.)  You can even crop the images and save sets of choices to pull up quickly later.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 3

To set up a board, you drag the images around into the spot you want them on the screen, add new choices with a double tap in the spot you would like to place a choice, or delete everything on the screen by pressing and holding for 3 seconds. You can also edit the size of the images on the screen through a simple pinching motion. There is also a numbering function , so you can make simple lists of tasks too.

This is a simple interface with no codes or locks to keep a user out of settings, so keep that in mind and decide if you need that feature.

There is a lite version to try out to see if it is what you need:

You may also want to take a look at Visual Cue Lite, as the full version, Visual Cue, includes Touch Choice and has several other features included as well: I personally use Visual Cue a lot, it has a wonderful visual countdown timer feature.

Screen shots of Touch Choice Lite:

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  1. They make an app for verbal recognition that would be great for students with Autism and multiple disabilities.

  2. I learned about the different apps made: one for checking for developmental milestones such as language delay, one for scheduling, and one that turns your iPad into a magnetic letter board, etc.

    -Angie Gorz

  3. I enjoyed learning about the different apps and also this statement "The way to ease the anxiety during a scheduled task is by using a working for board." My son's school always asks the kids "what do you want to work for" but never explained to me why

  4. How do I get the app to play the recording that I put on the images?