Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Autism Awareness Month Giveaways- All4mychild Apps

  In honor of Autism Awareness Month All4mychild has four groups of codes to share with us.   All4mychild has also developed Fun Timer (99 cents).

Talking Train
A clever tool for language therapy, Talking Train is a simple but open ended app that allows you to draw, type, or add pictures to train cars. You can "build" sentences, or sequences of events, use it as a quick visual schedule, draw math problems, whatever direction you would like to take it.  Because each train car is separate but part of the "whole" train, I find it great for teaching concepts such as sentence structure, language expansion, story retell etc. When your "train" is complete, have your child press the button to send it away from the station with fun chugging, whistling sound effects for your train enthusiasts!

Social Adventures 
From iTunes: The Social Adventures App provides clinicians, teachers and parents with a treasure trove of activity descriptions for teaching social skills and friendship. Children ages 3-13 with social needs such as those associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, NLD, Sensory Processing Disorders and social anxiety will gain confidence and success in navigating the rough waters of relationships. 
Social Adventures includes a variety of activity ideas to teach skills in the seven areas of social cognition evaluated in the IMAGINE Checklist app, so it is a good complement to it. This app also includes Bag Game, a fun guessing game that can be used to foster social and language skills. (See app description for Bag Game below)
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Bag Game
The Bag Game app is a 20 questions spin-off using one of 100 common items. You can even use your own photos.  One person "hides" an item in the bag and have students take turns guessing what it is.   This game can be used to work on turn taking, collaborating with peers, language goals such as categorization and description skills etc.  This app is also included as part of the Social Adventures app, a complete curriculum program for social skills.
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From iTunes: The IMAGINE Checklist App is an informal assessment of more than 60 specific social cognition skills following our IMAGINE framework of social development.
A new favorite from all4mychild, IMAGINE Checklist helps organize all the points you would like to consider when evaluating a child for social abilities. The app looks at 7 key areas of  functioning, to make up the acronym IMAGINE: Initiating Interactions, Maintaining Interactions, Advocating & Compromising, Getting Regulated, Interpreting Nonverbals, Negotiating Space, Experiencing Humor.  IMAGINE Checklist allows data storage for multiple students; each questionnaire item has an area for notes as well. I feel this will serve children on both ends of the spectrum well, and is an especially handy tool for uncovering hidden social deficits.  While it is meant to give you a snapshot of a child's functioning so you can pinpoint problem areas and address them, in my opinion this is a valuable as an informal screening tool.  I am confident if my son had been screened with this checklist, it would have led to his eventual autism spectrum disorder diagnosis much sooner
Link to all giveaways, free and pricedrop apps for Autism Awareness Month here: http://specialappsspecialkids.blogspot.com/2014/03/giveaways-freesale-lists-autism.html

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