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Therapy Box Suite of Apps Giveaway: Autism Awareness Month

Therapy Box Suite


Developer: Therapy Box

At Therapy Box we provide solutions in speech and communication powered by cutting edge technology. We design award winning apps for AAC. Therapy Box launched in 2010 and have quickly become the go-to development house for the speech and language therapy industry. With a slew of awards for their apps and services, Therapy Box keep their core goals in focus – creating cutting edge and affordable apps for people with disabilities. Headed by speech and language therapist/pathologist Rebecca Bright and tech industry professional Swapnil Gadgil, the young team is driven to assure their apps reach as many as possible. Predictable is currently available in 6 languages and in 2013 was awarded the grand prize at the Ericsson App Awards in Stockholm. 2013 also saw co-founder Rebecca Bright take home the prestigious NatWest everywoman Iris Award for tech entrepreneurs.

One person will win a Suite of Therapy-Box Apps


Review of ChatAble ($79.99) (currently 50% off to celebrate Autism Awareness Month [Usually $159.99]

(by Amy Taylor of Special Apps, Special Kids) ChatAble offers a fully functional AAC component with Facebook integration and handwriting recognition as an input method (Chatable's sister app, Predictable, also has this function. ChatAble has a very easy to use visual scene feature with a really exceptional option- an alarm function! Choose an image from your camera roll, from one of the 12,000 widget symbols, or take a photo on the spot. Then program hot spots where you can embed your voice, a video or even a song from your iTunes, and to top it off program the visual scene to signal an alarm at a certain time of the day. Full Review of ChatAble here
Predictable ($159.99) - is an exciting text-to-speech application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Offering customisable AAC functions with the latest social media integration, Predictable sets a new benchmark. Using a word prediction engine and switch access, Predictable meets the needs of a wide range of people using AAC. A wide range of people are using Predictable, including those with MND / ALS, Cerebral Palsy and people with communication difficulties after a stroke or head injury.  
Odd One Out Pack ($29.99) - is designed to work on semantic reasoning skills. With 6 sets of cards per level and record keeping, therapists and teachers can track progress and adjust the difficulty of the activity. Using vibrant symbols and clear visual and auditory feedback, this app is great for carrying over therapy goals at home.     a Rafflecopter giveaway
Scene&Heard ($49.99) - is a Visual Scene Display augmentative communication aid on the iPad! Scene & Heard is an interactive context based communication aid and learning tool. Parents, teachers, therapists and helpers can import photos and allocate actions including audio messages, short videos, Widgit symbols and scene links to transition to a new scene. This makes the scene interactive!  
Sort This Out Pack ($13.99) - is a fun educational game designed to work on skills required for categorization. Have fun sorting items into 2 categories to load your train so it can leave the station. Using animation and fun sounds, this app is designed for pre-school and early primary school students to use it in the classroom and at home. With the ability to tailor the categories and items to suit your child, you can target relevant vocabulary or concepts in a fun and motivating app.
Minimal Pair Pack ($29.99) - Minimal Pair Pack is a fun application for working on speech sound discrimination and production. Designed for children with developmental communication difficulties and also adults with phonological difficulties. Easy to use flash card style tasks can be set up quickly by therapists or teachers for use with a range of clients including adults and adolescents with dysphasia, dyslexia or dysgraphia; teachers of adult literacy; therapists working with children who have language and literacy needs or those working with people for whom English is a second language. The program targets the following speech sounds in the initial position of words: p, b, m, n, t, d, k, g, f, v, s, z, dz (as in jam), j (as in yacht), w, r, l, th, sh, ch. 
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