Friday, March 21, 2014

New & Notables : CSUN 2014 (Part 1)

CSUN is a treasure-trove of information and each year there are lots of goodies to be discovered.

Here are some products and resources sighted at this year's CSUN Exhibit Hall, more yet to come! 

ATNetwork. Did you know there are 13 Loan Libraries as part of the ATNetwork in California? By the way, if you are securing a device /item to trial on behalf of a school, all you pay is shipping.

Access4Kids by Zyrobotics. To my frustration, I cannot find an image of the delightful plush ladybug switch device for kids I spied... apparently it is still in the prototype stage.  In the meantime you can visit Zyrobotics on  Facebook on and at their website.

Tactalis.  This system uses switchable magnets that allow you to feel locations on the screen- the magnet in the fingertip stylus pulls and can be used to select buttons or spots on the screen, trigger audio, access web links etc.  You can create your own content- which means teachers can create lesson plans to push to the system, and in turn students can manipulate and send back information to the teacher.

If you are developer seeking to make your apps accessible on their Origin platform, contact them at


Braille Institute has several FREE apps for vision impairment, including a full screen, high contrast browser app to compensate for iPad's shortcomings in this area!  There is also an app to help you find more apps for blind or low vision users, an app that helps simulate different vision issues, and an app to help you access information on the Telephone Reader Program (TRP).  Check them all out here:

AlexandraVision. AlexandraVision has a really neat tactile vibrating watch for people with visual impairments. The device tells the time through a series of short or long vibrations to represent the hour, tens of minutes (ie. three short vibrations equal 30 minutes past the hour), or minutes.  There is a new lanyard feature for the pocket watches so you can wear the watch around your neck if desired or there are gorgeous  pendant style watches that look like a fashion forward necklace too.


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