Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review: Big Grips Frame & Cases for iPad (Hipster), iPad mini (Tweener)and iPod Touch (Buddy)

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*Pictures are of my own sons to protect privacy of my students*

Continuing the quest for the perfect carryable case for iPad, I present Big Grips products. I was already familiar with the colorful, protective iPad cases Big Grips has from hearing about them in the special needs community. When I found out there was an accompanying case for the iPad, The Hipster, I got really excited about the prospect of trying one out. I had a particular student in mind for this combination, and have been very pleased with the results. Big Grips also sent me a Tweener case for iPad mini, as well as a Big Grips Buddy for iPod touch, which have been equally as handy.

The Big Grips / Hipster carrying case combination has been the best solution I have found to work with a student who is still learning how to handle an iPad, and is just "rough" with it. If the iPad were not in the Big Grips case, nestled inside a Hipster carrying case strapped over my shoulder, I am certain it would have gone flying quite a few times in the process. But we are making progress; he is able to manipulate the screen and is using sign language to communicate his desire for the iPad. The most exciting part is this is a student who previously had not had success with previous devices in part due to concerns about damage to the device and safety of others. There is also an optional stand available of the same thick, high-quality material. If I had an iPad that stayed in one classroom I would find it very handy to hold up the iPad, but because I move around a lot from room to room, I would prefer a less bulky, more portable option.

Big Grips Frame (iPad)(case pictured is for iPad 2 and up at time of publication, also available for original iPad)


What I like:
Easy to put on
Grippy, thick protective material
Easy to clean
Cut-outs for all ports, buttons, camera

Wish List:
less bulky frame
Integrated screen protector
Wider cut-out to make charging easier
 A smaller, less bulky stand for more portability

Big Grips Hipster Case (iPad)

What I like:
comfy, wide strap for carrying
sturdy, stain resistant material
Rubberized non-skid  bottom
versatile- use in car for video viewing etc.
stays put!- no flying iPads when working with students
plenty of storage for cords, wallet, phone, keys, styli etc.
access to sleep button, camera, headphone port

Wish List:
cut out to make charging easier with Big Grips Frame and Hipster carrying case on (to combat the laziness I have pictured above, right.)
a flap to cover the velcro, which catches on clothing at times when open)
separate zippers for the two compartments in the back of the case

Big Grips Tweener Case (for iPad Mini)
The Tweener case feels super! It is a smooth but grippy material.  It seems very sturdy and protective, yet it is fairly lightweight and much less bulky than its iPad counterpart.  The iPad mini feels well protected from drops in this case.  If you have an iPad in a Big Grips Hipster Case too, there is plenty of room for an iPad mini with the Tweener case on- it will slide into the zippered front flap pouch.  I also love resting it on top of my iPad in its Big Grips case.

What I like:

lightweight but sturdy
grippy, comfy material
easy access to all ports,buttons, camera
stand with handy storage spot

Wish List:
Built-in protective screen
Its own little carryable case like the Hipster would be amazing!

Big Grips Buddy Case (for iPod touch)
The Big Grips Buddy Case is a winner with its lightweight, handy design! I threaded a carabiner and lanyard through the hole provided in the Buddy case and can now wear an iPod touch wherever I go. This has been wonderful for taking data in the classrooms- I am often down on the floor playing with my preschoolers- no more iPod left behind as I move around the room- it just stays around my neck. This is also very helpful when in a public place, as I can have more peace of mind handing it to one of my own kids to use.  I give it to my son to wear during our bedtime routine.  He likes to use a tooth brushing timer app to show him where to brush, and I don't feel nervous about the iPod dropping in the sink or toilet.
What I like:
very lightweight
grippy, comfy material
hole to loop lanyard or carabiner through
If you have a Tweener stand, the Buddy case fits it too!
Wish List:
a hole on both sides of the case to be able to use the case around the neck in a more stable position
a little too easy to remove- perhaps material could be a bit less flexible

For a comparison of a dozen plus handy cases for iPad & iPad mini, see here:


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  7. What awesome cases! I really love that they're child proof. That's why I need a case for mine. And there is always the obvious chance that I, as an adult, may drop it too.

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