Wednesday, March 13, 2013

123 Kids Fun PEEKABOO by RosMedia

123 Kids Fun PEEKABOO by RosMedia (99 cents at time of posting)

A "hide and seek" app for early learners experimenting with cause and effect, 123 Kids Fun Peekaboo presents scenes with a hidden animal or object for the child to discover.  The child is presented with a scene and asked a question about the animal or object hidden in the scene. i.e. "What a big ball, who is behind it?  "What a big garage, what is in it?"  Enough of the image is revealed to give a clue as to what might be there. (Bunny ears peeking out of a pile of carrots, for example.)  Then a visual cue (a hand with a red no symbol is removed and replaced with a white hand) indicates the child can touch the screen, revealing the animal or object. The animal / object is labeled; when the child touches it another animation will begin. The animations and sound effects are interactive and caught the attention of my mini tester.

I appreciate the child "lock" feature- to exit out of a scene, the child has to press down on the home button, which should prevent the child from exiting the app accidentally. The app also allows the user to control the sound and/or music separately. 

Peekaboo! What hides behind...?

It’s an educational interactive hide and seek game for toddlers. Age 1 - 3.
Application is composed of 5 chapters:

- Household pets
- Farm animals
- Forrest animals
- Insects
- Vehicles

Thanks to our app your child will discover step by step the world of sounds that correspond to characters and items.

Younger kids will be overjoyed discovering hidden animals, insects and vehicles. Older kids can try to guess what hides behind the sounds, then learn the name of each animal, insect and vehicle which will help them with their letter recognition skills.

Hide and seek game:

- Listen to the sound and guess who or what hides behind it.

- Touch the screen and find out who or what is hiding there.

- Easy to use interface.

- Realistic sounds and animations.

- Learn through play.

Our applications are developed for you and your kids with help from artists and teachers.

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