Thursday, February 14, 2013

SASK Apps: SENSORY Lights & Sounds apps

SENSORY Lights & Sounds Apps:
This list is not exhaustive. It is a collection of apps that have been used by or made available to my own children and/or students. These are available for trialing through the SASK Loan Device Library. It is also a work in progress and may be edited frequently as categories are expanded upon, or descriptions and/ or new apps are added.

Some apps have been marked iPhone- I tried to do this for all apps but have likely missed some. These will still work on an iPod touch or iPad. On an iPad you will have to tap the 2x symbol in the corner of the screen to zoom in to the size of the iPad screen. Sometimes text or images are not as crisp in this mode, but all apps marked iPhone should run on iPad. However, apps marked iPad will not work on an iPhone or iPod. If an app is not marked iPhone or iPad, it is universal and can be run on both without losing screen quality.

See also Cause and Effect Apps 

Music Ball (use any touch to create balls of light and sound on screen)

Spirogrow (no music, just visual) (REMOVED FROM APP STORE?)

GlowTunes by AppHappy Studios LLC (one of my 9 year old son's favorite musical apps)

Mood Colors by iBuRGeR Apps (a simple night light with a timer option.  You can also set the light to cycle through colors, and control how fast or slow)

Magic Effects HD (iPhone version avail. also)

Hidden Grid by Inclusive Technology Ltd. (iPad)

Sensory Room by Inclusive Technology Ltd. (iPad) A simple cause and effect story about a sensory room. FREE One of many apps from Inclusive Technology Ltd. focused on special needs

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