Saturday, February 2, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Picture Me Calm by Awesometistic, LLC

Picture Me Calm by Awesometistic, LLC ( Universal, $2.99 at time of review)

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Picture Me Calm is a simple, effective visual tool to help with following schedules and/or completing tasks.  You add pictures to it, you set up schedules, then the child taps each step/image in the schedule-there is a soft sound of velcro being pulled off as the image flips over to show it is finished. At the end, a virtual sticker is awarded. 

I have used this for longer schedules, such as the bedtime routine below, as well as shorter "first then" tasks.  (i.e. First Homework, then iPad game).
The first two images pictured below are in edit mode; the others are what the user sees.

SASK review in iTunes:

Easy to figure out, easy for children to use, fun "stickers" rewarded after completing a set of tasks too. There's even a fun velcro sound as you complete a task.  I like how you can easily reset a schedule to use again with a quick tap also. The one thing I would love to do is set up a schedule on the fly and automatically save those pictures to the Picture Cards library- right now to set up a schedule, you must first save any needed photos to the Picture Card library, then go back to the Schedule tab and select them as you assemble the schedule.  It adds another step when first setting everything up but not a big deal overall as using the schedules are very easy. I got this on sale and think it is a great deal for a very useful visual tool.

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