Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gripcase iPad & iPad Mini case

Gripcase by Gripcase USA
(for iPad 2, 3, 4 or iPad mini $34.99 - $39.99 ; optional stand is $19.99) Share This on Twitter


This has to be the lightest at 7.05 ounces! Obviously this won't be providing as much screen protection with its more open design, but it should protect (actually I should say has protected) from accidental drops.  The openings on each side of the case serve as handles; all the ports/buttons are easily accessible. There is also an optional stand available. I could see this case being perfect for relatives and friends who hand your kid their iDevice with no case (or is that just mine?)- slip this puppy on easily and have more peace of mind. You don't really want to pay back Grandpa for his broken iPad, do you?

Gripcase is an affordable, lightweight, protective iPad case for children and adults. It has quickly become a favorite of mine. Did I mention again how light it is?  It is a dream! I was a bit worried about the openness of the screen but the wide lip and handles around all edges of the case do offer really good drop protection- I dropped it because I decided to not use the handles and stack it on top of a pile of books I was holding- not recommended but passed the test with flying colors!
If you have a kiddo who likes to drop things on to the screen that is a point you will need to consider. If there are difficulties with spitting/drooling, you will definitely want to invest in a quality screen protector.  There is easy access to all ports and this case is very easy to put on, and of course easy to remove, although not unintentionally- the iPad is very snug inside the case and I have had no worries about it coming out on its own.  You'll just want to make sure the person using this is able to follow ground rules about keeping the case on. 

Here is a great video highlighting how protective Gripcase is:

The material used for Gripcase is soft but firm if that makes sense- and of high quality.  I think it has held up really well to my child's occasional biting habit too.

 I absolutely love how there are handles all around the case.  There is also a nice give to the handles. They are flexible and when the iPad is resting on your lap they bend to fit against your waist comfortably- no poky handles here.  In fact, this is the case I have seen my son get into the most odd (comfy) positions ever.  This lightweight case with handles on sides certainly allows my tiny 5 year old to use the iPad more freely.  We also were able to easily attach a strap (not included) to the case and carry it over the shoulder in landscape or portrait position.

For table use, Gripcase has a great optional stand accessory that also doubles as a charging station- there is room to store an iPod or iPhone and some cables in it, which I really enjoy.  The stand is sturdy but fairly light- light enough to take with you if needed. As it is a bit bulky, it would be good to have it remain at home or in the classroom (If you are looking for something more portable for on the go, you can purchase lightweight folding stands at stores like Office Depot.)

What I love:

Optional Stand w/space for cords/ iPhone or iPod
Flexible but strong
Handles on all sides of case
Easy to put on
Easy access to all ports
Good drop protection

Wish List:

Built in screen protector
An optional portable stand
An optional shoulder strap accessory

For a comparison of a dozen plus Hand-y Cases, see here.




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