Wednesday, December 19, 2012

REVIEW: State Bingo and Road Trip US by Niyaa

State Bingo and Road Trip US by Niyaa ($1.99 at time of review, iPad only)


ITunes Description:

Buckle up and ride with Pep the car to discover amazing US destinations. Play a game of classic State Bingo and look for clues on a beautifully illustrated US map. Play the brand new Road Trip US game. Travel to random destinations or choose to drive along the historic Lewis and Clark trail. Win the game to send states to statehood. Enjoy fun animations as Pep the car cheers you along.

State Bingo game:
Play bingo, solve state riddles and put your map reading skills to test. Win and send a state to statehood. Fun animations during game play.

Easy :- Riddles are easier. Reference map is fully illustrated.
Medium :- Riddles are harder. Reference map is fully illustrated.
Hard :- Riddles are harder. Reference map only has state names. You answer questions by state shapes instead of names.

Road Trip US game:
Travel east, travel west and move Pep the car on the map. Reach the destination state before all your tires go flat. Pick one of three random state neighbors to drive to. Answer at least one question to move Pep to the next state. Beware of dead-ends on the road trip. Drive along historic trails like Lewis and Clark.

Easy :- Game allows for endless exploration without flat tires.
Medium :- Riddles are harder. Game ends after 4 flat tires.
Hard :- Riddles are harder. Game ends after 2 flat tires.

Key Features:
- Comprehensive data set covering elementary state geography.
- Fully illustrated map of the US to help practice map reading skills.
- 600+ questions in the game.
- Fun animations during game play.
- App created in collaboration with teachers and keeping common core standards in mind.
- 3 levels of game play.
- Bonus learn key historic trails, state events and dates.
- Fun geography learning blended creatively into game play.

What you will learn:
-State capitals
-State shapes
-US regions
-Map navigation
-State neighbors
-State facts
-State landmarks
-Landforms – rivers, mountains, lakes and oceans
-Natural resources
- National parks
-State flowers
-Neighboring countries
-Historic Trails

Recommended Ages: 7+ years
Categories: Geography, Game - Family, Kids, Trivia

Although the recommended age is 7+, my five year old is enjoying this as well- I do need to help him read the instructions and quiz questions, and hope voice overs will be added in the future for users of all ages at different reading levels.  State Bingo and Road Trip US is visually rich, with its colorful map of the US and gorgeous illustrations.  

The Road Trip game is really clever.  You choose a historical route and then select states along the way as you answer trivia about the states.    When a quiz question is answered correctly a tone will sound to signal this and the car will move forward to the next state the user has chosen-this also requires careful planning- are you watching the map and picking the shortest route? If you are not careful you might end up at a dead-end, unable to travel to a neighboring state. At the end of each "trip" if you have succeeded with a passing score, you collect a "statehood", which is placed in chronological order along a viewable timeline.


The Bingo game is equally fun, and again you are awarded a statehood with a score of 60% or better. You can access the US map by tapping the magnifying glass symbol during play. (We have been playing the easy mode but you can make game play even more challenging by choosing medium or hard.  Hard for example, removes the written labels under each state on the bingo grid.)

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  1. I learned that the developer is the same as who created Learn Spanish: Little Blue Jackal which has hooked my toddler into wanting to learn some Spanish already!

  2. There are 2 fun filled geography games tat would make social studies fun!