Sunday, July 22, 2012

So Much 2 Say AAC App Giveaway #3


This is SASK's third opportunity to give away copies of the AAC app So Much 2 Say, which I am always thrilled about as I use this app often with several of my students, and would love to see another educator or parent benefit from this app.  Not only is So Much 2 Say a great option for emerging communicators, its customer service and updates are top-notch. The latest update brings a really neat Drag n Drop sharing feature- two devices with So Much 2 Say loaded can communicate with each other, allowing you to easily copy cards from So Much 2 Say on one device to the other.  In addition a black background has been added as an option... the next update involves the ability to create sentences! 

Here is the iTunes link: So Much 2 Say $19.99
Here is a video describing the new drag and drop card sharing feature: Drag N' Drop feature

You can enter through the Special Apps, Special Kids Giveaways tab,

If you are Rafflecopter phobic but still interested in participating, contact me at and tell me about your shares and so on.  I would be more than happy to enter manually for you. Good luck!

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