Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Autism Day

My Autism Day by Little App Helpers

This is a good choice for a parent wanting a comprehensive view of their child's daily life (multiple children can be tracked too!), with places to put food intake, medicines, goals and progress towards them, and more. There are 5 main modes (with puzzle piece icons) that you can easily swipe through and tap to view and add daily information: activities, behavior, school, eye contact, goals, health. Below this a calendar is displayed. I love having the calendar- but I'd LOVE to see this go one step further with a reminder system- then I could have my son's doctor's and therapy appointments in the app as well!

There is a Charts section you can view with tabs for Goals, Health, Behavior, and Eye Contact. Under the Goals section you can see your custom goals and see progress over the course of a week, a month, or whatever custom length of time you want to specify. Under the Health section you can view data you entered on appetite level, hours slept, and time to fall asleep. It doesn't seem like I can view my custom health information here, and I'm not sure why. I would like to view whether my son ate something that he was allergic to here, for example, and what his behavior notes for those days were. I CAN however do this elsewhere in the app- through the Analysis tab. This allows comparison of any of the following elements: mood, behavior, sensory, tantrum, nutrition, sleep, Rx, exclusive behavior, and/or eye contact.

Back to the Charts section- the Behavior tab allows you to look at auditory sensitivity, visual sensitivity, tactile sensitivity, proprioceptive seeking, vestibular seeking, happiness, stress, tantrum average length, and number of tantrums per day. The Eye Contact chart shows eye contact frequency per minute, eye contact average duration per minute, eye contact longest duration, or average duration vs. longest duration. You can also send reports through email and Hurray!- you can add events that happened in the past- so that means you can call Grandma to get filled in, and then add the necessary information to this app!

I would like the interface to be a little more integrated- I would like to tap directly on a note in a report for example, and be able to edit it there if I noticed an error, instead of having to go back in through the modes wheel to change it. Also, when entering data, I'd like the option for commonly entered items to automatically pop up as a suggestion. As it stands now, this is more time intensive than it has to be! This would be so helpful for items that my son eats often, the activities he engages in, or areas of motivation and interests (often anything military, or involving a computer game or iPad). There is also a Facebook feature that you can use if you want, but I have not yet used this feature. Nab this while it is cheap- $9.99. I already find this useful, but if this gets updated with more customizable features and the option to store commonly used terms, this will be golden!

My Autism Day has been updated! 

From App Store Description:

What's New in Version 1.2.1

Per popular demand, auto-complete option has been added for most of the fields in the app:
All nutrition fields will have auto-complete once the first letter is entered in the field.
The following fields will support auto-complete :

Activities - All Text Fields have been updated.
Daily Log/Behavior - Exclusive behavior section. The notes section will remain with free text.
Daily Log/School - All Text Fields have been update.
Health/Rx - All Text Fields have been updated
Health/Treatment - All Text Fields have been updated

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