Monday, April 9, 2012

Academic Apps: Math Support

Math never being my favorite subject, I really could have used apps like these when I was in school. Look at the wonderful math resources our children have today, if they are lucky enough to have an iPad or iOS device.

Reference Apps:

Count to 100! by Fuzzy Bees

A wonderful app tool for young learners or for those struggling with counting and basic mathematical relationships.  Light up the numbers in a number of ways- counting by 1s, or skip counting by 2s, 5s, 10s and 25s. There is also a tap anywhere mode which can be used as a visual tool to demonstrate many concepts such as more or less, before or after, between, and addition, subtraction. *FYI the app has a lock to keep the user from changing the settings, tap the settings button two times in a row to access *

Multiplication Table Many more wonderful math apps by the same developer:
This is a terrific way to see multiplication represented visually! Keep this app open during math homework!

ModMath A great math tool for #dyslexia #dysgraphia Work out your math homework in a neat manner, then mail it to the teacher or print it out! 

Game Apps:

Adding Apples HD More math apps by the same developer here:
The kids love playing with this fun calculator.

Dress App
Math concepts have never been this fun! Get budding fashionistas to develop patterns with fashionable clothing items. Also see NxtApp 4 Kids by the same developer:

Freddy Fraction Many more(FREE) academic game apps by the same developer here:
Freddy the alien has to look at clues with decimal equivalents to the path of fractions that lead to his spaceship. This is a FREE app, which means it can easily be used in a school setting!

Fractions. Smart Pirate More fun academic apps from the same developer here :
Practice Fractions, Equivalent, Addition and Comparing! Wonderful graphics with easy, medium and hard levels of play. My four year old and my eight year old both enjoy this!

Math Guardians   (iPad) or (iPhone) had it right when they referred to this app an "adrenaline-pumping (...) battle-style math drill app. It was a huge hit with my kids too! The child chooses his character (the dinosaur is particularly beloved) and then battle with creatures set by the computer (different each stage), while jumping in the air to select numbers. When two numbers are selected a math equation is formed with the numbers, and the child must then pick the correct answer from 3 choices. There is also a practice mode also. With points earned for correct math answers, you earn gems and trophies for different achievements and unlock different characters etc. NO in-app purchases, yay for that! The kids think it is awesome and they are learning!

Update: Math Guardians now includes data tracking which allows parents/teachers to access scoring and progress information for multiple children!

Epic Math
Complete math tasks and earn tokens to spend in the virtual toy shop... my son loves the magic tricks! 

Math Evolve Lite a Full version is available also.
A fun shooting game that requires math! Even your most reluctant math user can get into this!
The kids like practicing math by matching these simple pairs of puzzle pieces together to correct the math equation. Topics covered are Addition, Multiplication, Fractions, Subtraction, Division. There is also a Quiz Mode with mixed topics.

Story Apps:
Jack and the Beanstalk a Mathematical Adventure - HD
Kid and school-friendly app with no ads, social media links etc.  Work out math problems integrated into the story of Jack and the Beanstalk; the math changes each time the app is used to keep things fresh.

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