Monday, March 12, 2012

Apps About Being Different

Auracle Randy

Randy Kazandy has to adjust to the fact that he must wear eye glasses.

Little Lilly's Touch Book

Lilly is a little girl who has sensory issues- she hates the feeling of just about everything she touches.

My Friend Isabelle HD

My Friend Isabelle is a story about tolerance, acceptance and friendship. Two children the same age- one with special needs, one without- are more alike than they are different.

Rainbow Crow

Rainbow Crow is a Native American story in which a once beautiful crow learns about beauty, courage and sacrifice.

Striding Bird - An Interactive Tale

A young bird struggles to make sense of the world around him. He meets a bird who helps him discover the true meaning of happiness and self-discovery.

The Artifacts

The Artifacts is a lovely story about a boy and his passion for collecting things. When it is time to move to a new home, Asaf must face that his many possessions cannot be brought along.

Added 3/22/12

I am a child: Just Like You 
A book about a boy who has Asperger's

Added 3/28/12

Sarah Little Fairy Grandma
A book for children about understanding Alzheimer's.

Added 7/11/12

iStoryTime Kids Books - Binky the Pink Elephant

Binky the Elephant embarks on a journey, makes many friends, and learns that being different can be admirable.

Sparky the Shark - A Frightenly Funny Adventure Children's Storybook Deluxe by Biscuit Interactive

A story about self-acceptance.

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    Bee-Different is different from all the other bees in Bee-Town. His Stripes are vertical instead of horizontal, his antennas are twisted instead of straight, and unlike the other bees, and Bee-Different is also allergic to pollen. He is bullied in this story by all the other bees because he allergic to pollen, and because he "looks different". In this story Bee-Different manages to turn his differences into positives, as he manages to find pollen for a hive that is finding it hard to find fresh pollen to make their honey.

    He teaches children a great moral, which is: “Just because someone is different, it does not mean they are not special.”